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The Underground

THE UNDERGROUND is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes the work of students whose creative endeavors reflect the issues of representation, identity, culture, communication, and performitivity. The goal of this journal is to create an outlet which allows St. Lawrence students to share the results of their work with the rest of the academic community. All submissions must be original and reflective of the learning goals of the above mentioned fields and of St. Lawrence University.

As the Creative Director, I was responsible for creating the layout for the journal, promoting the journal, and handling the online presence for the journal. Additionally, I published the journal online at Issuu, and handled the duplication and distribution of print copies.  The Underground informational website can be found here, their Facebook profile here, and their issues here.

Course Guides

Through my time at Bench Craft Company, I've reviewed hundreds of course guides for golf courses. Bench Craft effectively creates promotional materials for golf courses funded by local businesses in respect to the golf courses. With my spare time, I started revamping some of the older guides to give them a fresh feel. I've also created countless layouts for books in hopes to differentiate myself. Although many of the designs become copyrighted through the company, these template I created in some off time that have yet to be used in any sort of production.