Graphic Decals

Milford High Sen10rs

As a senior in high school, I hosted (I was senior class president) a design competition for senior shirt designs. This graphic was my entry for the front. After the class voted on designs, this design was printed on a choice of either metro blue, or purple t-shirts and distributed to the class.

Spring 2010

Fancy Fox

This decal was designed with a slight nod to the animal face shirts that have been becoming increasingly popular. I thought it would be neat to create a fancy fox. Although this shirt has never been printed, I thought it would make a great shirt for any age.

Spring 2014

Ugandan Water Project

The Ugandan Water Project develops small scale water resources in the Eastern African Country of Uganda. By fundraising money, the UWP can purchase rainwater collection tanks to supply water to hundreds of families. As part of a SLU chapter, SLU Amnesty raised public awareness and resources. I designed this image as graphic tee to be sold in their fundraiser. More information on the Ugandan Water Project can be found at

Spring 2012

Invisible Children

Hopefully at this point most people have heard of the LRA conflict and Joseph Kony, if not perhaps some research on the Lord's Resistance Army would prove beneficial. Invisible children is an organization dedicated to addressing international efforts to protect and recover the children and communities still being devastated by these human rights violations. As part of a SLU chapter, SLU Amnesty created an awareness week for public understanding and fundraising to assist in the effort. I created these graphic tees as to be sold as one of the fundraisers. More information on Invisible Children can be found at

Fall 2011

Gotta Run.

Despite what some people say, Cross Country is a team sport. With ideals of boosting team unity, I designed and screen printed this shirt for the Milford High School Cross Country team.

Fall 2009

Mole Day

October 23 from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm every year is considered Mole Day. Dedicated to Avogadro's number, a constant used in Chemistry, the day serves as a day of fun and celebration for Chemistry students. This image was created as a shirt design in October 2008, and later adapted for a 2009 print. The shirts were distributed to Chemistry students at Milford High School.

Fall 2008