This series of images was installed in the Richard F. Brush Gallery at St. Lawrence University April 25th - May 18th, 2014. Each image was printed 27"x36" on Canvas Matte Paper. The series was part of a senior exhibition entitled "IMOK YOUREOK" with 9 other artists utilizing various media.

Being Human

Love; hate; friendship; anxiety; fear; perfection; acceptance and rejection. The burden of consciousness attests that life can be beautiful, but it can be ugly too. Functioning a bit like PSAs (public service announcements), this series of digital illustrations addresses the unspoken and perhaps universal emotional turmoil that is often only privately experienced. Originally inspired from a late night cathartic free write-session that resulted in a personal vignette of self-loathing and self-confessions, this work extends beyond personal revelations and attempts to unify the less-discussed nature of human experience.

One attribute of being human seems to stem from the tensions inherent in the simultaneous awareness of one’s internal world of personal flaws and traits which often stand in opposition to ideal perceptions, projections and performances of self. Perhaps, this burden is a façade—a result of our ever-present reluctance to talk about personal internal truths. Maybe we live in an imaginary world where everyone pretends they’re okay. Maybe the bigger picture is that we’re not okay, and maybe that’s okay